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Running shoe analysis and consultation

Even in these days of distancing are we reachable! We would like to offer our costumers a virtual running shoe analysis and consultation service.

Follow the description below and send us your pictures and videos.

Our Values

NUMO stands out through a great expertise in terms of running and gait analysis, orthopaedic insole care and running shoe consulting service. Therefore, we set a very high standard on the quality of our products and our services. Those services aim at a personal and individualized customer support. In the pursuit of these goals we work with the newest technologies to obtain the greatest possible results for our customers.

All the areas we work in are strongly tied together in our point of view. In order to guaranty an optimal service to our clients we combine the scientific evidence and our 20 years of experience with daily customer contact.

Running shoe analysis and consultation
An optimal running pattern builds upon three levels: Running technique, body characteristics and material.

By the choice of proper footgear, we can cover the last level of the pattern and hence help our customers to manage their athletic activities free of complaints. We suggest a hard shoe sole material with a drop of 10 to 15 mm. Such a shoe will generate more stability and reduce pronation in the ankle joint.
The right running shoe is not only important if you have an issue, but even more so as a preventative measure to avoid pain and injury. Therefore, it is recommended to rely on a competent consultation when buying running shoes.

This is how it works:

  1. Take pictures and videos of yourself as described below.
  2. Send us those pictures and videos by email to  or by wetransfer, if the data is too big and a regular email delivery is not possible. 
  3. Fill in the form at the end of the page with the respective information and klick on "send".
  4. You will receive the results of our consiltation exclusively by email within two workdays. If you order a running shoe from us, we will not charge you the consultation fee of 45.00 CHF. On top we will give you a 20% discount on the running shoe of your choice. Your shoe will be delivered to your home and the shipping is free of charge. You can pay comfortably by invoice. 

We will find the optimal running shoe for you!

Example pictures and videos

To enlarge klick on pictures

  • Pictures of the feet
    (back and front)

  • Video of you walking and running barefoot
    (back and front)

  • Video of you running in your current running shoes, if existing
    (back and front)

  • Pictures of your current running shoes, if existing
    (back and underneath)

  • Picture of the shoe label with the shoe size of your current running shoes


Form running shoe analysis

. .

  • the payment of CHF 45.00 must result after the provided service, if at that point no shoes have been ordered.
  • if I return the ordered shoe and do not order any other shoes, I must pay the consultation fee of CHF 45.00.
  • the fees of the reshipment of an order do I have to pay myself.
  • I can only return shoes that do not have any traces of wear. Worn shoes are non-returnable.