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"To support top athletes is an honor as well as a challenge."

We are continuously working with numerous athletes. We are proud to advise and support in multiple disciplines, such as athletics, triathlon, boxing, bobsledding, team handball, soccer and many more. We appreciate supporting them with our know-how and expertise and help them to reach their athletic goals. From amateur athlets to top athletes are all equally welcome.

At this point we would like to thank all athletes for their confidence and wish them continued success in their sports career.

Below you will find snapshots on some of our athletes.

Kariem Hussein

 Since 2013 we are working with Kariem Hussein.

Corinne Abraham

Corinne Abraham

In 2015, Corinne Abraham has won the Ironman Cozumel. In 2017 she was also successful with a 2nd place at Ironman Lanzarote, Austria and Copenhagen. Congratulations!

She wears NUMO insoles in the training as well as for competitions. Her comment:

"Hi Laurent, In amongst the injury & the training…. I’m happy to inform you that I have recently won the Ironman Cozumel & broke the course record! Thank you for your support & expertise. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas & New Year,


Michel Goumoëns

Michel Goumoëns

The Speed Skier is supported by us. We wish him continued success.

More information here

Tatjana Stiffler

Tatjana Stiffler

In her everyday life as a cross-country skier she wears NUMO insoles.

Ronnie Schildknecht

Ronnie Schildknecht

The professional triathlete Ronnie Schildknecht is supported by our partner company Cyclometry GmbH with detailed analyses and our costum-made insoles. We wish him continued success.

More information about Ronnie Schildknecht you find here.

Luca Holer - Triathlon

Luca Holer_swim


We support Luca in achieving his goals and wish him a successful and injury-free triathlon season 2019! 

Sina and Joanne Züger

Sina und Joanne

The young talents Joanne and Sina Züger wear NUMO insoles in training as well as during competition. We wish them continued success in their tennis careers.